Our Favorite Composers and Arrangers

Searching for beautiful sacred music is no easy task-- sometimes church musicians like us can spend hours scouring the internet to no avail. Save yourself some time and energy by checking out this list of our favorite composers and arrangers!

David Ritter

By far our top-played arranger, David Ritter's pieces are tasteful while still implementing a range of techniques that are reminiscent of classical compositions. His collection Hymns and Classics for Violin: 12 solos and Duets is our go-to book. It can be found on Amazon here:

Duane Funderburk

This arranger has created gorgeous pieces for many different types of ensembles, including solo violin and cello, piano trio, quartet, and even orchestra and choir. Our favorite book is his Two Pieces for Violin and Piano. We have yet to encounter an arrangement of his that we don't like, so check out his music at

Grace Kim

If you are searching for piano trio (violin, cello, piano) arrangements for church, look no further! Grace Kim has stunning creations that make each instrument shine. We love her arrangement of Amazing Grace and What a Friend/Salut d'Amour, but there are more for you to explore at

Jenny Oaks Baker

As an accomplished violinist and arranger, Jenny has compiled several books of violin solos for advanced musicians. Click on the following link to explore her pieces:*+oaks*+baker*

Sally Deford

Vocalists, here is a website for you. Sally Deford has myriads of beautiful arrangements and compositions for vocal solos, duets, and choirs. We have enjoyed singing her songs He is My All, Because He Lives, Abide with Me, Because He Spoke to Me, and more. She also has a piano duet or two on her website, which you can find at

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